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Blogger or WordPress?

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Hey guys! I know I’ve already posted today but I really want to make my blog look good and up to scratch before I start doing anything good and fun with my blog. So I decided why not write another blog post. I think having a few blog posts written on your blog makes you look more professional. As I’ve just started this blog, I haven’t pre-written any posts. Normally when I do a blog, the posts are ready written and done and checked over. However I am writing this post now and as soon as I’ve finished it will go up! Now into the post…

I have had lots and lots of blogs on Blogger and only one WordPress blog (this one). I really enjoy using blogger as it is very easy to use and very user friendly. Blogger is the site in which many bloggers set up their blogs however I just decided to try a change. After using blogger so many times, I thought that I should try something else and i can safely say that I love WordPress and Blogger. WordPress is a little more advanced and complicated so I would advise to make a blogger blog first just to practise on. The thing I would say Blogger should improve is the design aspect. From my last post, you will know that I love designing and the templates that blogger provides are not as good as WordPress. Despite this however, it is easier to import photos and design the blog well on Blogger- but only if you know how to and are skilled enough to do so. I’m not sure if that makes sense but I hope it does.

I know this post was very quick and not thought out well but I hope it helped a few people to pick whether they should use Blogger or WordPress.



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