About me

Hello World!

Hi everyone! (Anyone?) I don’t know how you stumbled across my corner of the Internet, but here you are. You can read all about me and this blog in the About section so I won’t go into detail about that but this is my first blog post! I am really excited to write and create and hopefully meet some really good people through blogging. You can leave requests in the comments if you like or on my Instagram which is linked at the bottom of this blog for what posts you would like to see next.

So now, into my actual post. I decided that although I have written some things about me in the About page, it’s not really personal and it doesn’t really allow you to learn interesting things about me. With that said, I decided to do a fun facts post with a few interesting facts about me on it. (I know this isn’t really lifestyle and design but I wanted to do a fun introductory post for you all.)

1. I’m vegan. Well, I try to be vegan but sometimes I just end up being a chegan (cheating vegan). I honestly think that being vegan is so much more fun and enjoyable if you also allow yourself little breaks every now and again. For example, I go to France very regularly and there aren’t too many vegetarians in France so never mind vegans. So I think instead of having a not very nice few weeks, why not just enjoy food for a few weeks a year. I know some people will disagree on that but this is just my opinion. I used to frown upon this too but I decided it just might be better for me as I wasn’t particularly healthy because I didn’t enjoy food so I wouldn’t eat it however looking forward to these breaks has really helped me.

2. I really like photography and design and have done since I was little. I love going to parks and to the countryside specifically for taking photos. I think you can get really interesting shots of things if you just try to be creative. I love designing as well and have designed a few people’s blogs for them. Obviously my blog isn’t done yet as I only started it last night but I will do it and hopefully make it look how I want it to. Other hobbies I do are horse riding, dance, swimming, athletics, art and writing.

3. I have had both blogger and WordPress blogs and I really like both however my next post is going to be a comparison between the two so stay tuned for that!

Ok, thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you look through my blog and come back for more when it is properly done and designed! You can follow my blog from the follow button in the sidebar to be notified of my posts.



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