Social Media Stars

Hey guys! Today I was thinking of a blog post idea and I got a notification for a YouTube video and this idea was born. Not that this idea is original or creative or anything but I hope you enjoy this post and maybe I’ll give you a few YouTubers to start watching and maybe a few blogs to read.

1. My favourite YouTuber by far is Tana Mongeau. I’ve been watching her since she had 2,000 subscribers and now she has 2 million?! Even with all the drama and hate she’s dealing with right now, Tana is amazing and strong and beautiful and talented. If you haven’t seen Tana and you’ve been living under a rock, she is a popular storytime YouTuber who is also very funny. I highly recommend going to binge watch all her videos right now.

2. Another YouTube favourite of mine is Liza Koshy. I mean, who isn’t a fan of Liza? She is hilarious and talented and so adorable. I think everyone knows Liza as she has over 5 million subscribers and almost 10 million Instagram followers.I don’t really have that much to say about Liza apart from she is absolutely amazing. So now you should definitely go to watch Liza.

3. So now we come to Shane Dawson. I’m not really sure what to say about Shane because I really like him and I think his videos are still funny, but his old ones were a lot better. However, whenever I watch his videos I still laugh and enjoy it. I just think that maybe he could come up with some new and fresh ideas. You should all go check out Shane’s channel if you don’t already subscribe to it. I mean, he has almost 10 million subscribers so you probably know who he is.

4. The Wonder Forest blog and YouTube channel is run by Dana Fox. I have been reading Dana’s blog and watching her YouTube for the past 2 years and I really love it. It is easily my favourite blog and I used to watch her YouTube channel “The Blog Beautician” until she stopped posting on it a few months ago. However, before that Dana had 21,000 subscribers and on her current YouTube channel, she has 55,000 subscribers and 110,000 on her Instagram.

5. I absolutely LOVE Kiera Bridget. I think she is a close second to my favourite YouTuber (After Tana Mongeau) and I started watching her a few years ago – quite a while before she became well known. Kiera has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. I then found out that Kiera was going to be on Tana’s collab channel and I was so happy for her. Kiera is so pretty, such a funny person and also an amazing storyteller. You should go and subscribe to Kiera right now.

6. I was going to include Dan and Phil here but I thought they were too well known and that you would know them already so I decided to put Anna Campbell here instead. I have only been watching Anna for a few months but she is amazing and you should go watch her.

Thank you guys so much for reading an you should definitely go check out these YouTubers some time soon.



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