This Blog

Welcome to DayDreamingBlue! This is a lifestyle and design blog created for your enjoyment. There will be new posts every Tuesday and Saturday however there could be more in between so make sure to follow my blog and follow me on Bloglovin’. You can also access all my social media at the bottom! DayDreamingBlue was founded on 23rd February 2017 and everything posted is our own content, made to help inexperienced bloggers and everyone in general. This blog was created purely for enjoyment and education purposes.

Writing & Submitting

If you would like to submit an article to be featured on this blog, you can! Just go to the contact page, email me with the subject SUBMIT and send me your post. If I like it and it fits the general theme of the website, then it will be featured on this blog!

Who am I?

I am the creator and writer of DayDreamingBlue. I designed and created this blog and several other blogs in the past for my enjoyment and yours. I am a British citizen with a love for animals, writing and sports and so I decided to start this blog on one rainy winter night. Actually, I created DayDreamingBlue right in the middle of “Storm Doris” and I was debating calling it something to do with Winter and Storms. But it somehow ended up DayDreamingBlue. I hope you like the name- I do! Although with all my other blogs I ended up changing the names at least three times. I won’t do that to this one though as I have always regretted it in the past, especially when someone else took the name before I could get it back.

I hope you enjoy my blog!